September 1, 2021
From: Dundee Township Mental Health Board (DTMHB)
As you may be aware, the Kane County Clerk has refused to authorize the collection of property
taxes to fund the Dundee Township Mental Health Board. This refusal is currently being
litigated in the 16th Judicial District and it is unknown when there will be a resolution.
The DTMHB anticipated that funding would be in place for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021
and had been prepared to evaluate applications for funding and award funds had funding been
Given where we are right now, and to be prepared for a resolution in Dundee Township’s favor,
we are making available our application for funding and supporting documentation available
effective September 1, 2021 for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2022.
We understand applying for funds is a time-consuming process, but we also believe that being
prepared to negotiate contracts and distribute funds quickly, should they become available, is
of the upmost importance to the residents of Dundee Township. Also, by applying for funds, the
DTMHB will be able to ascertain what services may be available for Dundee Township residents
and where gaps may exist.
Should the Township lose the lawsuit, the Dundee Township Mental Health Board will be
unable to award funds for the current fiscal year.
Downloadable Materials
a) General Instructions FY 2021-2022
b) Dundee Township Mental Health Board One-Year Plan FY 2021-2022
c) Funding Application FY 2021-2022
d) List of Service Categories FY 2021-2022
e) Proposal Funding Timeline FY 2021- 2022
f) Requirements and Guidelines for Funding FY 2021 -2022

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