Dixie Briggs Fromm Nature Preserve

Trails in this 150-acre, ecologically rich open space lead hikers past meandering streams, rare wetlands and sedge meadows, dry hill prairies, and small woodlands. Expect to see a wide variety of native Illinois flowers and grasses. Grassland birds, butterflies, bugs, and small animals make their homes here. The Dry Hill Prairie Remnants are what remains of the vast prairies that covered Illinois prior to European settlement, overlaying glacial deposits from the Wisconsin Glacier 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Careful observers will note the glacial rocks deposited on this site in various locations.

Several miles of mowed trails cover the site and hiking and non-motorized biking are allowed. Trails range from easy to moderately challenging with varying elevations. A self-guided trail offers visitors a tour of some of the best features the Preserve has to offer. 

Dixie Briggs Fromm Nature Preserve is located at the north end of Dundee Township with entrances in Algonquin at Eastmoore Drive, Wynnfield Drive, Notting Hill Road, Lundstrom Lane, Rustic Lane, and Braewood Drive. Limited street parking is available at all entrances.

General Site Information
Dixie Briggs Fromm Site (Map It)..

Monitoring Reports [PDF]
List of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds that have been identified at this site by volunteers Roger Reason and Nancy Bent.

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