Huntley Marsh

This 27 acre parcel was donated by the Kirk Corporation   in 2001 as part of their wetland mitigation requirement and sits at the headwaters of the Kishwaukee River Watershed.  Its use and management is governed by Kirk's original agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers.  Our priority is to protect and buffer the mash directly to the north.  The buffer ranges from 40 to 70 feet wide and runs behind the homes and condos on Meadowsedge and Woodside Lanes in the Glen Eagle subdivision.  A viable buffer should contain un-mowed prairie and woods.  Public access areas were marked with a split rail fence erected two years ago and a large sign will be erected later this year.  Staff is restoring the prairie Kirk planted and will continue this restoration effort as well as improving the marsh vegetation and fostering stands of oaks and hickories that dot the edge of the marsh.  No trails are planned on this site due to the instability of the wet ground and close proximity of neighboring homes. 

The Township received a $2.25 million COLT grant to acquire the remaining 200 acres of marsh and buffer.   Unfortunately this grant was rescinded due to State budget problems.  An additional $50,000 grant from the Northeast Illinois Wetland Conservation group was returned due to the loss of the first grant.  Attempts to purchase additional parts of Huntley Marsh failed and the land was sold to a developer.

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