Library Springs

Purchased in 2001 for $1,800,268 this 50-acre parcel consists of mature oak/hickory woodland, stream corridor, wetlands, pond, old fields, and gravel pit.

It sits directly behind the Dundee Library at 553 Barrington Avenue in East Dundee.  The Township received 50% of the purchase price from an OLT  grant awarded by IDNR.  The gravel pit portion was purchased from the Dundee Township Park District for a nominal amount enabling the township to meet the 50-acre required minimum.  This site is home to numerous birds and small mammals as well as a thriving deer population.
This site is under restoration and progress is being made to implement the development plan submitted with the grant application to IDNR.  Since  IDNR partnered with us for purchase of the property they also hold a permanent easement.  The site steward is long-time resident Dave Petzel.  Dave has been working with volunteers and staff to clear the woody vegetation choking the oaks, planting native seeds, and improving existing trails.   Small sections of split rail fencing with large openings have been erected to clarify and identify boundaries between public and private space.  The Township will focus on improving trails, clearly marking boundaries, cleaning up trash, and placing informational signs.  

 Steward Dave Petzel leads work days on the third Saturday of each month.  You are welcome to volunteer and work under Dave’s supervision on this site.

Did you notice the 1 1/2 miles of freshly chipped trail?  This trail was completed thanks to a great group of students paid through a Kane County Department of Employment and Education Title 1-B fund. Elgin Community College agrees to employ, supervise and manage the students. The Township provides the outdoor classroom and work opportunities with guidance from our Natural Areas Manager and staff.  The students learn about natural area restoration and perform the work. The public gets a nice fresh trail for enjoying quiet walks in the woods!

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