Library Springs

This 50-acre parcel consists of mature oak and hickory woodlands, a stream corridor, wetlands, a pond, fields, and a recovering gravel pit.  This site is home to numerous birds and small mammals as well as a thriving deer population.

Library Springs sits directly behind the Dundee Library at 553 Barrington Avenue in East Dundee. An additional trailhead can be found off of Route 25, just across the entrance from the Bonnie Dundee Golf Club. 

Purchased in 2001 for $1,800,268, the Township received 50% of the purchase price from an Open Lands Trust grant awarded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The gravel pit portion was purchased from the Dundee Township Park District for a nominal amount enabling the township to meet the 50-acre required minimum. 

This site is under restoration and volunteers and staff routinely plant native seeds, improve existing trails, and clear woody vegetation to help the oak trees thrive.

Long-time resident and Site Steward Dave Petzel leads Library Springs work days on the third Saturday of each month. For more information on Library Springs or to volunteer, please email

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