Raceway Woods

Greater Raceway Woods is the site of the historic Meadowdale Race Track. Roaring crowds and high-speed race cars have given way to whispering woods filled with singing birds. The upper field is covered with native flowers, grasses, and shrubs. Mature oak/hickory woods on the north are bisected by Shaw Creek. Relics of the old track are scattered throughout. This is a great birding site and is home to a healthy population of frogs, small animals, and pollinators.

An extensive system of paved trails, gravel trails, and mowed paths is built around the historic track as well as into the woods. More than 6.5 miles of trails and paths crisscross the property including the original 3.27 miles of the old race track. Trails range from easy to moderately challenging.

Access points are located on Huntley Road, Ranch Road, Sleepy Hollow Road, and Route 31 with parking lots off of Huntley Road and Route 31. Pedestrian and bicycle access is located off of Ranch Road and Sleepy Hollow Road. The Huntley Road parking lot can accommodate horse trailers. Picnic benches are located near both parking lots. 

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